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2021 Projects
2021 Projects

2021 Projects

2021 Projects

2020 was a different year, as all of us know. When 2019 finished, we were expecting 2020 to achieve, to grow, to complete that project, to make that trip, and to see our families. Without knowing anything about what would come to us, the pandemic forced everyone to change our plans. A new year starts, and we hope to complete our 2021 Projects.
At Byhandart, we stopped our current project for that moment and started to create something useful: face coverings. 2020 was a crazy year, and we always are going to remember it in that way. We just mentioned this, but personal issues occurred to everyone.
To make face coverings was a different experience for us as for everyone that decided to make this kind of accessory. We are grateful to every person who bought our face coverings, to trust us and preferred us.

As most of you know, from August 2020, we stopped a little the face covering’s production to start our 2021 collection. We are still working on our 2021 projects, and we are happy with the current results. There are some creations in the middle of the way awaiting their finishing. We have scheduled our tasks to finish the pendant products and to publish our new collection on January 15th.

Apple Blossom

What is coming soon?

Our new collection will have different options for different tastes. As you know, we make bags and similar only. This year, we want to try other accessories. So stay tuned because we are working on an exclusive jewelry collection that includes small accessories such as keychains and bookmarks.

Shooting Star

More options to make your purchases

You can buy our accessories on byhandart.com, as you know, but we offer you different options such as Etsy and Amazon.

Buying on Etsy is the same as buying on byhandart.com.

Now, buying on Amazon is a little different; because costs vary due to the Amazon fee. We understand many people prefer to buy on Amazon no matter the prices because Amazon is a trusted platform to buy. Whatever you decide to make your purchases, we will be at your service to solve any doubt you have.


2021 Projects: personalizations are on

Make a perfect gift! Most people love personalized accessories. Any occasion is ideal for giving an exclusive present to your family, friends, or you!

A good reason to buy on Byhandart

We will be supporting a Venezuelan organization whose purpose is the upbringing of children that have not a place to live. From now, if you buy some Byhandart products, you will contribute to children’s food and education in Venezuela. We are going to create a post to explain to you how it works.

2021 Projects
Help us to help Venezuelan children. Image created by jcomp – www.freepik.es

2021 Projects: working on how to display our products

At Byhandart, we believe in the minor production of pollution possible. That is why we sent our products inside of simple packages only. But we wanted to improve the presence of our products once you get them on your hands. Then, by the end of 2020, we designed beautiful craft boxes, always under the environmentalist concept. 

2021 Projects
Choosing biodegradable – Protect the environment. Boxes image Psd Crated by freepik – www.freepik.es

No more raffles, but you get 10% OFF!

When we started this giving away, we decided to do it every month. From 2021, no more rafles but you will get 10% off by subscribing in the for above.

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One post per month, a few emails too

Byhandart family is small. Most of the time, one person makes a lot of processes. That is why we think one post per month will be great. A few emails because we understand most of you do not like a bunch of emails. We are going to inform you about new releases, promotions, winners, and news.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Thank you, because you are reading our blog, giving us a like on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn posts. Thank you because you follow us on our social media. Thank you for supporting us in the last and trying year. For many reasons, thank you!


2021 Ornaments Post –  Image created by BiZkettE1 – www.freepik.es

2021 Projects

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