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A great day in New York City
A Great day in New York City

A great day in New York City

Table of Contents

A Great day in New York City
A great Day in New York City was not be possible without these girls. I want to say a big THANK YOU to these two girls, Kairis and Salome. These women are so friendly, so beautiful people who contributed to achieving the goal of that day.
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Joanna Gil

After a hiatus from blog writing, I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to since May 2021. The pursuit of new projects has been a personal goal, and by the end of May, I proudly introduced a chic tote bag collection. As July unfolded, a fresh addition joined our catalog – the Eyeglasses Cases project, featuring eight unique designs. The overwhelming acceptance of this petite collection has been heartwarming, and I extend my sincere gratitude to those who made a purchase! Moreover, July 7th marked a significant day, as New York City witnessed a memorable and vibrant celebration.

A great day in New York City: shooting day

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Stay effortlessly comfortable, whether it's a great day in the heart of New York City or any other corner of the world. Comfort is your constant companion.

I had some months thinking of trying something different as to social media pics. Honestly, I did not have any idea about how to start. So, some people are willing to help you, and the magic occurs. Going straight to the point, the July 7th, I could say: «Today we are going to get amazing pics of my handcrafted in New York handbags, in fantastic places of New York, with nice people.» So, the project A Great Day in New York started.

Hand art in New York 

July 7th was a hot day. One of the hottest this summer. The sun was bright when my friends and I went to shot awesome pics for Byhandart. Some days before, we got a meeting to decide outfits, Byhandart products, and places for getting pics. Three great spots were the protagonist in the shooting session. First, we started at Central Park. In the afternoon, we went to Dumbo Park. Finally, we end up at 39-21 Washington St, Brooklyn.

Salome, you nailed it, girl! See products in the pics: Ella Crossbody, Yellow Bucket, Elegance Bucket.

Central Park is a spot to dream in New York

A place where nature predominates; is Central Park. Among lots of buildings, this magical place served its spots for our photographs.

Central Park New York

Dumbo Park in New York makes you smile.  

Dumbo Park is an artsy hotspot where you can go to shops and diverse restaurants. It also counts beautiful urban landscapes for photographic captures.

39-21 Washington St in Brooklyn - New York has a spectacular sight.

This Brooklyn street looks out onto one of the most imposing bridges in New York City. Lots of people come here to get some memories of that iconic place.

Not in New York City but Glen Cove - Long Island.

The house of Byhandart is in this town. Morgan Memorial Park is one of my favorite places to go. Here we also get cute pictures of our products.

Picnic area, playground, bathing beach, walkways along high bluffs providing scenic vistas of the harbor, restrooms, and paved parking lot. 

Morgan Memorial Park is a place to be happy! Glen Cove – New York. (Click on the image to see the product.)

There are still many places to go in New York

We were happy with the result of the pics. At Byhandart, we are always planning next collections. Of course, we will take some photos of this new collection in other areas of the city. We’ll probably have a second part of A Great Day in New York City.

Our social media changed. We hope for more great days in New York City!

We included our new pics on social media, and we could notice some changes in them. Now @byhandartdesigns turned into an account that shows Byhandart products in New York scenes, reviews, and other pics in original format.

At the core of our mission is the desire to link our products with their place of origin. Every Byhandart creation is born in the dynamic energy of New York, destined to traverse the globe. It’s a sentiment that resonates even more on a great day in New York City.

We invite you to take a peek at our IG account, follow us, and give us some likes!


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