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Alteration project

Alteration project

Welcome back! We are so excited to tell you that we will show you the adjustment progress of the Botiq bag. As you read in the previous post, the Botiq bag is a standard tote bag. The predominant features in this bag are the color combination, the cover, the straps, and the closure type. We decided to call this process the Alteration project.

Botiq bag Byhandart

What is the Alteration project about?

The Alteration project will be the modification of our Botiq bag. We studied different options to add or remove, but we decided to add three features more, and do not remove any known. Then, we are going to explain each one.

The first feature will be a long removable strap

Honestly, this was the one that encouraged us to make the Alteration project. Consists of adding a long demountable strap, which also will be adjustable, because some people prefer a longer strap. To make it, we will add two metallic rings (one on the left and one on the right side of the bag). The long strap will have one Lobster clasp clip at each end of it. Easy to attach and detach. (See Bucket long strap for reference)

Terra Love

The second one will be simple extra inner pockets

The most pockets, the most organized. Some items in our bag are out of our reach when they are needed. For example, a pen. Narrow pockets are perfect for this item, and you can also store a toothbrush or similar. We are projecting to add at least three pockets like that, which is going to provide an organized scheme to the Botiq bag. A single longer pocket is also needed. Remember, the Botiq bag had one single inner zip pocket, that also remains in the design. (See the Love Symmetry bag for reference)

Handcrafted handbags

The last but no less: one outer zip pocket

Yes, the Botiq bag is going to have an external zip pocket in this Alteration project. External pockets are useful to store items that you need to take out quickly. For example, a cellphone, the keys, a mirror, or maybe sunglasses. 

When is going to start the Alteration project?

For now, we are reviewing the patterns to adapt it to the changes. We want you to be part of this process, which means that we want to show you the progress and changes that could it take in the process. We will be posting on Instagram Stories and creating a new Highlight to keep posts available anytime. 

The first bag that we will make is going to be on sale in our store as soon as we finish it. Remember to follow us on Twitter to be aware of our recent news. We will post a Twitt to announce the availability of the bag in our store.

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