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Botiq bag: the origin

Botiq bag: the origin

The Botiq bag is an essential handbag. Its design has not been altered from the very beginning, but it could be, and that depends on the client’s needs.

Botiq bag Byhandart

When we started to create handbags, we have made a lot of small-basic cases. We receive a lot of suggestions about making shoulder bags, handbags, and backpacks, but our knowledge was limited. As a consequence, we began to study new techniques, and make some prototypes of patterns to create a spacious bag, well structured to keep its shape, and with an organizational scheme as well.

The designers made the very first pattern by comparing it with a model bag. They were sure about the size, which is regular, and also easier to open and close through a magnetic snap. They wanted to make something different, functional, spacious, and gorgeous.

One of the most important aspects to consider was the color combination. Designers were sure that it had to have at least two colors to preserve the brand concept. So, they called Primary color the one that covers at least sixty percent of the Botiq bag. The secondary color represents some bag’s details such as straps, top closure, and the base.

Golden Botiq.2

Botiq bag and its structural scheme

Its structure gives it unequaled firmness. That allows the user to store documents and folders, avoiding damages. Other belongings such as water bottle, smartphone, tablet, wallet, and more, remain in an organized way thanks to its structural scheme.

The brand had an original concept about colors; every single item had to be colorful, irreverent, but stunning. That was why the Botiq bag got a decoration that allowed to add an extra color. The preferred decoration was a heart inscribed in a circle. In those days, the brand created several designs in different combinations, all of then using the heart decoration.

Handcrafted handbags

Once Byhandart started as a project in the United States, the designers were sure that the Botiq bag had to be in their portfolios. We can make this bag for you, according to your favorite colors, decorated or not. For more information, we encourage you to go to CUSTOMIZABLE ORDERS and request your design.

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