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Byhandart does it and shares with you
Byhandart does it and shares with you

Byhandart does it and shares with you

Designs Byhandart HERE! The design is our daily task. The process can be complicated, but you will get results if you work orderly.

  • Every single idea starts with needs, measures, shapes, and colors.
  • It is necessary to visualize specific needs to cover them.
  • Once you have defined needs and measures, the designer has to think about the best confection process.
  • When the designer has gotten the best process, the next step is to choose colors and finishes.

Using AutoCAD or DraftSight

Programs such as AutoCAD or DraftSight are great to make patterns. However, we also can do it manually.

Byhandart projects

Cutting machines

Cutting machines are high precision tools that cut and create shapes. Some of them cannot cut big sizes but only work for smaller than 24 sq in. Another alternative is the laser machine which is capable to cut bigger sizes and different materials.

Designs are more beautiful with decorations

On the other side, the decoration is a plus. It could be buttons, O rings, rivets, or shapes, images and writings.

Handcrafted handbags

Now, we are going to show you the decorations that we used for making a cosmetic case.

We have created this design to decorate cosmetic cases.

We use a popular design space for making it.

Designs Byhandart

Once we got the design, we need to cut it on special heat transfer vinyl.

 There are different types of equipment to do so. For example a cutting machine.

Use an iron press to fix the decoration on the fabric and finish part of the work.

Handcrafted handbags

We choose designs, measures, shapes, colors, and decorations. You only need a sewing machine, resistant threads, and a zipper to get a beautiful bag.

Handcrafted handbags

And this is Byhandart!

If you like this post, leave a comment below. For extra information, contact us HERE.

For watching everyday progress follow us on Instagram as @byhandartdesigns

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