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A story behind my custom handbags

Hi, my name is Joanna, and I am a creator of unique custom handbags. I grew up among creative and skilled people. Therefore, I inherited those magnificent qualities.

Since I was thirteen years old, my grandma Victoria and mom taught me to carefully handle a sewing machine. At a young age, I made clothes for my dolls.

Every time I used that sewing machine, it was a new challenge for me. When I was sixteen years old, I knew how to make fabric handbags. In those days, I made a bunch of bags while I waited to start College. My dad is an excellent draftsman, so I got inspired by him to choose Civil Engineer as a career. I made and sold many customizable handbags to my classmates. In 2009, I finished my studies and graduated as a civil engineer. 

Crisis brings opportunities. It is time to make some personalized handbags!

Venezuela is where I used to live. That is a beautiful country in the south of the American Continent. I practiced my career for two years in Venezuela. then, I decided to work on my hobby: my passion. After taking my last savings, I bought a sewing machine and some materials to make crossbody bagstotesmakeup organizers, and wallets. I learned how to use tools that would later help me to develop my company throughout my engineering studies. That was how in 2010, I registered a small business. Its name was Inversiones Covinanka CA, active until 2016 successfully. Covinanka received many orders from stores and people.

This 'Custom bag" was made for an special client!
I made this bag in 2014. One of the most requested in our Venezuelan brand.

My custom handbags in the USA

My life changed by coming to the United States of America. I am living in this respectable country since January 2017, and I became an American citizen at the beginning of 2022. I have worked in different companies, but at the same time, the idea of having my own business was an opportunity that I did not want to lose.

I started with one sewing machine and some materials. Then, another sewing machine and a cutter. I started creating some purses with ideas that came to my mind.

All my designs are full of colors and shapes

That is a Byhandart concept. I think that is part of my essence, and I know many people like this style. I started from scratch many years ago; with my mom’s sewing machine and a few raw materials. My technic has been getting better by practicing over the last three years. I am always open to learning.

A perfectionist

Therefore, I believe that perfectionism is positive when it does not become an obsession. Those who value details are perfectionists in some way.

I have to mention that although I make the most of the process, I count on the support of my family. They help me in many ways, and also believe in my ideals, so that is important to me to continue in this fantastic creative world.

Custom bags

Byhandart means the art made by hand, and the expertise using tools - Creating custom handbags

Everything I create starts with two hands, creativity, many technics, and tools. As a result, when inspiration is shining, the magic begins. When there is no inspiration, I connect with nature and start again.

My principal purpose is your smile. That is what I expect as a final result.

Although I always have merchandise stock, I make custom handbags for women. I enjoy every single process of customization. Some products have personalized options, but I have also created a special section to take more specific requests. For more information, click here.

Women's bags
Personalized backpack. It was made in 2018 here in USA.

Taking and Editing images is full of fun!

In this process, It is the same passion that I apply to create my products. Some of my other tasks are to improve the pics that you see on this website, among others.

The update of this website is another of my tasks. Consequently, I consider the time invested in editing and updating as part of my business improvements.

Crochet handbags

I want you to get inspired by my colors and shapes.

 Everything is possible for those who believe and never stop creating. Above all, that is what I (Joanna) trust. – Joanna Gil.

Welcome, and enjoy the Byhandart custom handbags!
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From Glen Cove – New York, 11542. Byhandart.