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Nuevas bolsas Tote
New tote bags

Nuevas bolsas Tote

At Byhandart, we have created unique tote bags. This one is a special edition, and its name is Ella Collection.

New tote bags

Ella Collection is a composition of six different tote bags. Five of them are big-standard, and one is medium-big. We felt encouraged to try different textiles such as embroidered and denim fabrics. The synthetic had to be in this project so that we combine materials by taking care of colors and shapes.

New Tote bags with heart

Our tote bags have the love’s symbol, a beautiful asymmetric heart that we designed some time ago. It is the same heart that we are adding to our jewelry collection, and it is also present in other accessories in our stock.

The idea of an asymmetric heart was born in a moment full of creativity. We wanted to give meaning to this irregular shape, and here is how we describe it.

“For us, a heart is the symbol of love, but also it represents life, the struggle to find our purposes, and the thankfulness for achieving our goals. The asymmetric shape means imperfection, the reason why sometimes it is hard to win or to grow. It also means difference, obstacles, falls, stumbling, and the difficult phases to conquer our dreams. Far away from the meaning of loss and disappointment, this heart means success, no matter how long or how difficult can be the path to it.”

Joanna Gil.
Ella collection

Some of our new tote bags have the same heart!

Love Bracelet
Click or touch the image to see the product.
Love symmetry
Click or touch the image to see the product.
Isabella tote bag
Click or touch the image to see the product.

Our bags are organizers

Big bags allow us to carry a lot of stuff on those long journeys. However, some of our belongings have to be in special places to avoid a waste of time looking for them. Pockets inside the bag are a great solution to this inconvenience. 

Our tote bags have five pockets. Three of them are small and slim. They are special for thin stuff such as pens and teeth brushes. The rest of the pockets are large. One of them is a zip pocket and the other is simple. 

Fiorella tote bag
Fiorella is a tote bag from the Byhandart brand. See more AQUÍ.
Fiorella tote bag
Inner space, five pockets. Spacious bag.

Despite our bags do not have compartments for big devices like a laptop, if you carry in a case, you can put it inside our totes. It is important to make clear that depending on the size of your computer, it can fit or not in our bags. 

Organize your bag
For example, see how we organize these stuff inside our tote bag.
New tote bags
Here you go! Look how everything is perfectly organized.

New tote bags: some outfit examples.

Summer outfit
In this pic: sandals and dress are from Shein. Bag from Byhandart.

Here we show you the first example of an outfit. Dresses are our favorites, but you also can combine shorts and a blouse. Denim fabric adds a special touch to any outfit. In this case, we matched our Arnella bag with a pretty floral dress and denim sandals.

Handcrafted handbags
In this pic: the dress is from Shein. Shoes from Dresshead. Handcrafted tote bag from Byhandart.

Now, take a look at this option. Here we combine our bag with this beautiful dress. Sneakers make comfortable this outfit, and they look perfect with our bag. Consider the Marisella bag for this outfit as well. 

For different occasions

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons for millions of people, and many of them look for the perfect bag which covers their expectations. We ensure that our tote bags are spacious enough for a beach day, for example. Autumn invites us to make a trip to places where we can admire its colors, and our bag can be the right option to carry what you need. Winter promises us snow and white landscapes; probably a great opportunity to make a trip to skiable mountains. One more time, we recommend our tote bags as hand luggage. Spring is the season of flowers, and any place is good to go to with our bags.

We hope you have enjoyed this post. These are part of our tote designs, and we will be creating more in June 2021. Remember that you can order a customized one just as you need it. Write a comment below or in our Contact section.

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