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How to take care of your handbags
How to take care of our products

How to take care of your handbags

It is good to know how to take care of your handbags. It can guarantee a long life for your bags.

From the beginning to the end of the process, we work to get the most qualified result. We select the best synthetic leather, fabrics, threads, zippers, and metal components. However, from the moment you have our products on your hands, it is necessary to follow the next recommendations, so they are going to keep in excellent condition.

Byhandart Tips: taking care of your bags

1. If you are not using it, we recommend putting it inside the dust bag that comes with it. In that way, you will avoid any damage because of a wet environment or other substances in the air.

2. Keep clean your handbag by using an eraser or soft detergent. Also, you can use a hand sanitizer with a clean towel.

3. If it is necessary, clean the inside with soft soap, a brush, and some water. Allow it to dry naturally.

4. Avoid spills inside your bag. Always be sure your containers inside it are duly closed.
5. Avoid permanent stains (pen ink and similar), because they cannot be removed.
6. Do not use acetones, solvents, or cleaning products for industrial use. In most cases, those products contain chemical substances that can be harmful to your handbag.

BHA cleaning
Byhandart combo

If you follow the recommendations above, your bag is going to be perfect for a long time.

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