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Collection – Love & Stars

Collection – Love & Stars

The new collection called Love & Stars is for those people who like minimalist details and for others who love the symmetry. We have created three different designs: the first is about stars.

Love & Stars

This shape always trends, for that reason, we chose this shape within the ones that are part of our collection.

The second one is the heart shape because no matter what, this shape is everywhere and it means Love. Those both shapes and a minimalist concept are the keys to our collection.

Another concept that we adopt in our collection is the symmetry. That is why we created some design by using webs and the heart shape.

The center of the handbag is the reference for left and right sides to be equal. Colors also had high importance within the design process. We wanted to use some strong and neutral colors to combine with some light options. On the other hand, the color red is one of our protagonists. The red is an elegant option in every wardrobe so that you are going to find different red models.

We consider a great idea to make sets. You can have your handbag and your wallet on the same design and colors.

We are at short days for Valentine’s day; we thought these designs are perfect for the occasion but also for Mother’s day. Crossbody bags, tote bags, wallets, and more. You can find the perfect gift for the next holidays.

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