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Reinvent yourself
Reinvent yourself

Reinvent yourself

How to reinvent yourself?

One day you start. You take all your optimism and start to give shape to your ideas. Then, you begin getting results. The time pass, results are good, but one day without notice, things change, and results are not sufficient anymore. Is this sound familiar?

In some moments of our life, we need to let go of customs, change with the changes, and start again. It is just like a circle. Circumstances move us to rethink everything because that is the way life works.

When we started as a homemade concept, we designed different accessories based on one idea. When changes came, we realize that many factors influence. The lack of knowledge about the marketplace and its needs, among other factors, can bring unexpected results.

When results are not expected, discouragement appears, sorrow, feelings, and emotions. All of them come when there is no preparation to afront and accept changes.

Changes are the surest thing we will have: reinvent yourself

Then the decision is ours. We have to decide between two options regularly:

  1. We will move and reinvent ourselves.
  2. We paralyze while the time is passing.

Coronavirus situation invites to reinvent yourself

We started 2020, and we did not imagine the chaos that was to come.

Many projects on the mind, many ideas, but life had other plans. 

On Byhandart, we had different projects for the beginning of 2020. One was the alteration of our Botiq bag. The idea was to transform an original design and show every advance to the audience. Another project was the launch of our customizable products; we want to make accessories based on our customer preferences.

When the COVID-19 became a real issue, we realize that the marketplace had other needs. Then we had to decide to change with changes and give to the community what is needed.

Leaves face coverings

Byhandart Face masks 

Working with soft fabrics is something that results in totally different from working with leather. We knew that face masks have to be simple and easy to clean; that is why we choose a cotton fabric. We had to change the configuration of our sewing machines to adapt them to soft materials. We also change the nylon thread to cotton thread.

After some initial experiments, we found the patterns that work perfectly for these accessories. We had to wait so long to receive the first fabrics and other materials. Finally, we start to make face masks in different designs of cotton fabric.  

Colorful stars face mask
Colorful stars earbands

Other activities were:

  • To take pictures of the new products
  • To write the information for each one.
  • To find advertising media.
  • To find better shipping prices.
  • To schedule all activities.

We never imagine that we would have to do all this from one moment to another. We just had two options, and we choose to move and reinvent ourselves. Only one thing remains current, and it is to make well-done products and give the best service.


We are making donations to essential workers as part of our plans. Every two face mask sold means one for donation. On delivery days, we make donations. We are glad to help and also due to the support we have received from our customers.

Hopefully, this situation is going to change. Perhaps we will continue our initial projects, or we will reconsider to change again. 

How are you doing? Do not be afraid of reinventing yourself. Share with us.

Instagram: our project process

New Pinterest account: byhandartshop

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