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Notebook Cover

Notebook Cover


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Elevate your essentials with a touch of luxury. Introducing our Custom Notebook protectors – a tailored solution for safeguarding everything from your cherished book to your travel journal. Choose your preferred material, provide measurements, and let us create a masterpiece just for you. The epitome of protection and style, this customizable gem will be shipped to you once it’s meticulously crafted.

Notebook Cover features:

  • Our product is made of Holographic PVC and is available in three different styles.
  • We create perfect covers for anything you need protecting, from Bibles to travel books!
  • Provide us with your desired dimensions and we’ll create a tailor-made notebook cover just for you.
  • There are four color options available for the button: pink, neon yellow, orange, and silver.
  • Our custom notebook covers feature a swivel hook at the top for easy handling and accessibility.
  • If you require items that match this product, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Also available on Etsy



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Notebook Cover

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