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Soft eyeglasses Cases
Soft eyeglasses cases

Soft eyeglasses Cases

Soft eyeglasses cases are organizers that keep your glasses safe from damages. Their structure could be flexible, and you can find them in different materials such as fabric, vinyl, or leather. Also, they can be different in size and shape. Some designer eyeglass cases are plain with no decoration, but others are colorful and beautifully decorated. 

I prefer double eyeglasses case soft because they can hold up to two glasses. In my case, I wear eyeglasses almost the whole day, but when I go outside, I like to wear my favorite sunglasses. Multiple glasses cases allow you to carry more than one pair of glasses at a time.

I wanted to know why people could prefer soft cases to hard ones so that I did my research. As a result, I found some reasons why people do not like hard glasses cases.

Unlike hard glasses cases, soft eyeglasses cases will not catch your fingers in them. Hard glasses case size can be smaller than expected. So, if you prefer getting a hard one, you better not buy it online. Also, the majority of them dent easily, so they can lose their shape and look ugly. Mostly, they are not suited for severe use.

Although soft cases are flexible, they have their advantage. This design is convenient for transportation and ideal for keeping everything organized inside your bag. Some of them can be semi or excessively soft. It is convenient to choose a case that not be too light because it can expose your glasses to damage.

Cases can close in different ways. Some homemade designs close with a button, other designs close by zipping. Soft eyeglasses case with zipper protect your glasses from dust, scratch, and damages. Zipper cases are my favorites; that is why I designed them for Byhandart by using zippers.

Some soft fabric eyeglasses cases are excessively flexible, and they would not protect your glasses from press or folding. Leather double eyeglasses cases are more rigid than fabric ones and give more protection to your glasses. 

How to put eyeglasses in case

Byhandart cases can have metallic or nylon zippers. Nylon zippers are soft and light, and they do not scratch your glasses. I also chose metallic rounded teeth zippers that scratch neither your skin nor your glasses. Either nylon or metal zipper teeth, I always recommend fully opening the case and carefully introducing your eyeglasses in it.

If the case allows you to hold more than one pair of eyeglasses, introduce one pair of glasses with crystals in front of one inner side, and your sunglasses in front of the opposite one. See the video for more details.

Cleaning: the best fabrics for cleaning and products for crystal clearer.

Soft fabrics are the best for cleaning your lenses. Those made of soft cotton and microfiber are the most recommended. I prefer microfiber cleaning cloth; that is why I include one of these in my creations. My eyeglasses cases are made of soft cotton inside to avoid scratches on the crystals.

Eyeglasses Case
Eyeglasses Case
Eyeglasses Case

Another alternative to clean your crystals is to wash them with dish soap and warm water.

Handcrafted handbags

Working on improvements (to use with a belt, with a lobster clap to add to a bag).

I am glad to hear suggestions from my clients. I have received one, and I think it is fantastic. It is about adding a belt loop and a small lobster clap to hang it to a bag. I have started to work on these improvements and coming soon, I will share the results with you. My first purpose in Byhandart is to create not only cute glasses cases but practical and pretty useful. Subscribe below to receive updates.

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Byhandart Eyeglasses cases are unique.

I have designed different eyeglasses cases styles. Some of them are decorated with hearts, others with daisy flowers which are favorited by many people. Byhandart eyeglasses cases are colorful, radiant, and exclusive, even more, if you want to personalize them with your name or preferred word. Recently, I added a personalizable product to my stock of Byhandart designs; this one is called Perfect for my dear. The same concept will be for my glasses cases. Personalizable options for this product are going to be available soon. A personalized glasses case would be an excellent choice for a gift.  

Handcrafted handbags
Handcrafted handbags
In this pic: Eliana design and Aileem design

Promotions for Eyeglasses cases on byhandart.com

On Byhandart, if you buy a pair of eyeglasses cases, you can choose a gif among these options:

Handcrafted handbags
When you buy two eyeglasses cases, you can choose one of these three GIFTS! Enjoy also free shipping.

This promotion will be available until November 15th. I decided to extend it to 15 days more. So, do not miss the opportunity to get a gift of your choice.

Guys, it has been a pleasure for me to write this post. I hope you can have one idea about my products. For information about shipments, click here. Remember you can contact us and let us know your inquiries. It is a pleasure for us to guide you to select the right product for you. 

Our Facebook community is growing. So, we invite you to join us. We will glad to have you!

I’ll see you soon. 



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